26 People Share The “Suckiest” Birthday They Ever Had


Not mine, but my sisters (hope that’s okay, since I was there for these). On her 13th birthday (so she was officially a teen, and was real excited about it) we had to go to my great grandmother’s house, help her set up to have a sort of estate sale/auction, then us kids had to stay hidden in one of the bedrooms of the house and not come out for 8 hours (food was brought to us)

On her 16th birthday (again, one she was excited for) our mom told us last minute we were visiting a friend of hers. Okay, no big deal. Only friends eldest son was turning 19 and having a birthday party, so instead of celebrating turning 16, my sister had to watch a bunch of late teens play video games all day, and eat cake she didn’t like, and she wasn’t allowed to be on her phone because ‘that’s rude at a birthday party’ โ€”VickiBee57


Someone broke up with me that day.

I arranged a nice birthday party, invited a bunch of friends and I was so happy that my bf that time was behaving as a decent person (e.g. not causing a scene, but smiling and chatting with mostly everyone). Little did I know that he kept on acting like this only to build up a huge scene after we headed home. He started to critizie all of my friends, how shallow and ignorant they were and how I should had stopped them talking about politics when I knew he was in a different opinion, so he would not had to listen to all the BS.

Then he said he doesn’t love me enough to put on with me, so he left me crying in the middle of the street at night. After a day he kept on calling me like nothing had happened. I did not understand what the F was going on.

Quick disclaimer: you might already know, but it worths stating, that most psychopaths don’t like when the attention is not focused on them (in this case it was focusing on me, hence it was my birthday), so they’d cause a scene to get back the attention. I did not know it then, just years later when all the things just started to make sense. โ€”h3t3r0d0nt


Was walking home from school, and it started pouring rain. My umbrella broke pretty much immediately. It finally cleared up after like 30 minutes, which was just in time for me to see a dead dog on the side of the road with all the intestines hanging out. ๐Ÿ™ Yay 18! โ€”justneededausername_


For my birthday a handful of years ago me and my girlfriend at the time went to Disneyland for dirt cheap because of my immediate family’s employment. The stipulation was that they were family passes, so my family had to actually be there. This was all well and good up until my girlfriend decisively dumped me the night we got there (no specific trigger for it to happen at that moment) when there was still the whole weekend left, we were sharing a room, etc. I figured to spare everyone else the drama I’d just suck it up and act like nothing was wrong. Slept in my car, put on a happy face, went on some rides. I was (and still am) sh-tty with depression and deserved a good dumping, but I mean….Disneyland on my birthday. It’s not funny yet, but maybe it will be one day. I’ve seen some sitcom episodes that got close with the whole “jeez there’s never a good time to break up” thing. โ€”Erk-tha-jerk


My most recent birthday I was attacked by a dog. Doesn’t seem HORRIBLE, but I have horrible agoraphobia and worked myself up all morning to go sit by the lake….just to get attacked by a dog. I also only recently had gotten over my fear of dogs. So it ruined my whole day and I just stayed in bed the rest of my birthday. โ€”Psychoskies


I get older. Every. Fโ€”king. Year โ€”abulafia2

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