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People Are Sharing The Worst Thing A Therapist Has Ever Said To Them (15 Stories)

Before I found my current therapist (12 years and counting), I had some doozies.

My favorite was the Freudian analyst who only asked me to describe my dreams and said, “hmmm,” despite the fact that I was trying to get help with an abusive relationship. So, I’d start talking about the abuse, and she’d ask me what I thought of the jellyfish that kept recurring in my dreams. I don’t know lady, but if I ran into you today, I would tell you that you are one of the worst therapists out there.

And I’m not alone.

On Reddit, people are sharing the absolute worst thing their therapist has said to them.

Turns out there are a lot of mental health professionals out there who are woefully lacking.


“I had a psychiatrist who was convinced I was anorexic even though I wasn’t. It really sucked because my therapist and my psychiatrist worked at the same company and they had a policy where they don’t help people with eating disorders. So even though I went to a specialist and they confirmed I didn’t have an eating disorder I was still banned from that facility and lost my long term therapist.” — assainXD1


“Nothing…she fell asleep in her chair while writing notes…I was talking about the death of my parents. I was 16. Never went to another therapist.” — Papismurf101


“My therapist, who I just discontinued, would literally order a meal and eat it right in front of me while literally saying nothing…she did that for the entire year I wasted with her, just watching this lady eat her food while saying nothing, only to then give me snarky and 2 word replies.” — ButterStick212


“14, telling my shrink about how I was bullied in school.

‘Do they make fun of your nose?’


And thats how I found out I have a big nose.” — KindlyOlPornographer


“When they say things like, ‘okay I understand how you are feeling thank you for telling me’ but proceeds to ignore most of the things I’ve said.” — PrestigeZyra


‘I was dealing with a lot of family issues at the time and my ex had just broken up with me that week so I was taking it fairly hard. My therapist said, ‘it’s because they found someone better’ and when I said no and tried to explain she just dug in deeper that my ex had dumped me because they found someone better than me.” — sgrmw


That my dad was in hell after committing suicide. I was 12. I ran out of there faster than anything.” — _TacoBelleoftheBall_


“A couple of years ago, my partner was trying to find a therapist. In the first few appointments, this woman told her that if she didn’t start doing certain things, I’d ‘burn out’ and leave her. I’d never spoken to this woman in my life and she knew nothing about me. My girlfriend never went back (after she struggled for a few weeks thinking it might be true before telling me what she said).” — theonewithkatie


“In high school I was pretty difficult because of some real intense s**t happening in my life. I wasn’t on drugs or violent or flunking out. HOWEVER, I had a super rough family home life as well as some sexual assault stuff and i withdrew because of it.

My parents were very “Sunday christian” meaning while at church they’re the best christians but the teachings did NOT make it home. (they still don’t understand why only 1 of their 6 kids talk to them etc etc kinda thing). Anyway they gave us NO Privacy ever, always in our phones, our bags, our rooms, just in every aspect of our life if it offered them control and I knew it would be no different when they “found me a counselor and you know her.” 

Guys, they sent me to therapy with the PASTOR’S WIFE. 

It became super clear she was telling them things immediately but I held out hope until I couldn’t anymore, because I didn’t have proof really. I ended up telling her I got in a fender bender but there was no damage so it was all good. well, she told my parents right when I left I guess because when I showed up home my dad demanded to see my bumpers. They won’t admit what happened to this day, but they never made me go again. so there’s that, at least. Also I guess this turned out mostly about my parents but f–k them and that ‘counselor’ too.” — nigel_bongberry


“‘You’ll never do an important job like doctor, veterinarian, firefighter, lawyer, counselor…You’ll probably end up in a Walmart for your whole life.’ I was 8 years old and still remember how mad my parents were lol.” — -SincerelyDontCare