Bride Sends Best Man In Wedding Dress To Prank Husband-To-Be

While traditionally, it was considered bad luck for a man to see his bride-to-be in her wedding gown prior to the actual ceremony, that seems to have changed. “First look photos” are a thing now, in which couples see one another in their gowns and tuxes for the first time and have candid pictures taken of their reactions.

One man recently got more than he asked for when his best man turned up in a wedding dress in what has to be one of the cutest, sweetest pranks ever.

While it often feels like the point of first look photos are to get the groom to cry, Megan Martin wanted to take a different approach to the occasion. Instead of getting all glammed up in her wedding gown, she sent husband-to-be Logan Martin’s best man, Ryan Sowder, in her stead. Logan’s reaction to the fun wedding prank was captured by K. Herman Photography and the results were amazing. 

As Logan told Fox News, he was full of anticipation to see his future wife and got the shock of his life when his John Cena-lookalike (our words, not his) best friend showed up instead.

“I was building with anticipation the whole time I was outside waiting for Megan, he said. “When I turned around and saw Ryan, I couldn’t help but to double over with laughter. Seeing your best man in a wedding dress is not a situation you can be prepared for.”

Sowder was an excellent sport and admitted that he was immediately into the idea, saying, “When Megan asked me to do this prank on Logan there was no way I could turn it down.” I don’t blame him! 

Megan and Logan have since gotten married, and now they have this amazing set of photos as yet another memory to share in their relationship moving forward. Talk about a story you’ll want to tell your grandkids!

Oh, and for the record, Megan did look beautiful in her gown on her wedding day.


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