A Bride’s Mother-In-Law Wore A Bridal Gown To Her Wedding, But The Story Is Actually Really Sweet

Sometimes, stories go viral without a lot of context, but that doesn’t stop people from making their own judgments. In fact, limited information can make it easier for snarky commenters on social media to form their very strong opinions. After one woman tweeted one of the worst wedding fails of 2019, she told the full story behind it, and it’s a doozy.

On Tuesday, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon asked Twitter to share their best wedding fails, and one of the MOST egregious was from Amy Pennza. Amy tweeted a photo of her wedding with her Mother-in Law wearing…. a wedding dress.

Obviously, wearing a white dress to a wedding (let alone a floor-length white gown) is a pretty big no-no and naturally people chimed in to voice their opinions.

But some people wanted—no, NEEDED—to hear the whole damn story behind the incident and Amy, a romance novelist by trade, was happy to oblige.

And this is where the story takes a turn. Because, as Amy explains, her MIL wasn’t trying to upstage the bride or step on her train or anything like that. She just likes a good deal, and for a very good reason.

According to Amy, her MIL grew up poor. Like, VERY poor.

And, as Amy explained, that kind of experience stays with you. (If you had a grandparent who grew up during the Great Depression, you’ll understand.)

Amy gave several examples of her MIL’s extreme frugality:

Including making her very own Sally Jesse Raphael Glasses:


So look, she saw the dress at a bargain-basement price and she HAD to have it, alright?

Amy went on to explain that just because the woman knows how to pinch a penny doesn’t mean she’s not generous. In fact, she’s actually a thoughtful, giving MIL and grandmother.

Amy also said there were no hard feelings about the wedding dress incident.

And how does Amy’s MIL feel about her wedding faux pas going viral? She’s totally into it.

Jimmy Fallon, book these women on the Tonight Show!