Dad’s Hilarious Viral Instagram Is Brutally Honest About Being The Only Man In A House Of Four Daughters

Meet professional dad, Simon Hooper

Hooper, an Instagram influencer and the author of a book called Dad Life, posts pictures of his daily life on an account called @father_of_daughters

As the married father of four girls, Hooper is very much outnumbered in his house.

His wife is @mother_of_daughters on Instagram and Clemmie Hooper in real life. She’s an author, too!

But we’re focusing on Simon Hooper, because his struggles as a guy in a house of five women are hilarious. 

His account is full of useful tips on parenting, too, though. Like this one, that deals with some potty-training accidents. 

And also parenting advice that has nothing to do with kids, except hiding from them. 

Which is very important. 

Actually, he’s not technically the only male in their house—there’s Pablo, their adorable dog. 

Life in the Hooper household can sometimes seem a little out of control. 

Four is a lot of kids for anyone to take care of. 

In an interview in 2016, Hooper explained: 

“Quite simply put, our house is loud and chaotic. We have 4 girls, Anya (9), Marnie (6), and just to mix it up, identical twins Delilah and Ottilie (8 months). It’s a fairly full-on experience that starts at 6.30am and ends at 9pm which gives my wife, Clemmie, and I about 90 minutes in the evening to actually just be us and crumple onto the sofa.”

There are bound to be tantrums. 

But clearly the family is filled with so much love. 

The account is bound to get funnier as the girls get older. It’s a win-win for everyone—the Hoopers get to enjoy this love-filled life and we, the Instagram fans, get to watch it. 

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