21 Texts That Could Only Have Been Sent From One Parent To Another

Raising children is exhausting and I have no idea how people managed before we had smartphones to communicate with our partners.

It’s still a grind, but at least now we can not only text each other in emergencies but also give each other information, ask for favors, shoot over some fire memes.

Sometimes at the end of a long day, what you really need most is a laugh

1. Like this parent who issued a serious warning. 

2. Or this parent, who had one of those all-too-familiar “poop issues.” 

3. Or this parent, who had one of those all-too-familiar poop AND barf issues. 

4. This parent, who was prepared for the worst. 

5. This parent, who was doing a great job watching the kid. 

6. This parent, who was dealing with what sounds like a relatively minor butt situation. 

7. This parent, who had a butt situation of a totally different kind. 


8. This parent, who was surrounded by young Star Wars fans

9. These parents, talking in depth about their baby’s bowel movements. 

10. This parent, who has an inkling of an idea why their kid might be exhausted. 


11. This mom, who nailed B*tch Mom 101. 

12. This parent, who’s okay with living with mystery. 

13. This parent, who sent a heads up to their partner. 

14. This parent, who almost can’t take it anymore. 

15. These parents, whose kid absolutely knows where Elsa goes. 

16. These parents, whose kid is scaling new heights of accomplishment. 

17. This parent, whose pet might not actually be sleeping. 

18. These parents, who clearly have their own way of communicating. 

19. This parent, who has a kid who was nice enough not to poop directly into their food. 

20. This parent, who felt the Pinterest pressure. 

21. And finally, this mom, who came up with some pretty good directions for finding her. 

h/t: Someecards, BuzzFeed,