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Caillou Has Been Canceled And Parents Are Finally Free Of His Tyranny

Canadian kid’s series Caillou has been canceled, per a tweet from PBS Kids.

The show follows the adventures of its titular protagonist, a plucky four-year-old who lives with his parents and explores his world. Caillou often explored his world in ways that deeply alarmed the parents of children who enjoyed the show.

They absolutely hate Caillou, alleging that he was a petty tyrant prone to tantrums, one who taught children nothing except how to have a meltdown in the aisles of Toys-R-US.

That’s why so many people were absolutely thrilled by the news, despite the bittersweet message from PBS about saying a tender goodbye:

There probably are some sweet kiddos out there who will be let down to hear about the end of their favorite program, but that is not the vibe on most of the Internet. They’re very happy to see this baby-pinching sociopath bundled off the stage:

Amongst the haters, there were some adults who seemed to genuinely mourn Caillou‘s passing. It has been airing since 1997, which we must all admit was 23 years ago (oh my god).

Some of the people sad about Caillou probably grew up watching him. That probably means you should avoid them, though:

Well, what none of them are thinking about is how many episodes there are of Caillou out there. And they are everywhere, just waiting to jump out at you and teach your child a terrible lesson about not sharing.

You’ll never be safe from this bald bad boy. That’s his true legacy. Thanks, PBS.

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