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Ana De Armas Shared A Little Peek Of Her Booty In A Minidress On Instagram

Ana De Armas is one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses right now. She’s been in several big movies including The new James Bond: No Time To Die, The Grey Man, and even got an Oscar nomination for her Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde.

As far a celebrities go, her Instagram is pretty great. It of course has plenty of promotions on it, like most celebs, but Ana also gives us a look into her personal life.

Ana’s Instagram is 🔥

Happy New Year’s from Ana

We even get to meet her pup.

The first screen test for Blonde

Italy seems nice…

Hanging with friends.

And her selfie game is on point.


Ana isn’t shy about sharing her life with fans, and part of being out there is sometimes posting a bit of an “oopsie” if you can even call it that.

She recently posted a series of pictures to her stories during that BAFTA awards. In one of these pics, De Armas posed next to a giant BAFTA award in a white minidress and knee-high boots. As she threw her arm up in a pose, the dress rode up a bit revealing just a hint of booty.


Ana swears by Pilates, and after seeing these pics, I’m gonna give it a try too. She’s obviously doing something right.