Another Ex of Armie Hammer Accuses Him Of Abuse and Carving An ‘A’ On Her

Armie Hammer has been accused of abuse of multiple women, largely through the accumulated Instagram posts and stories of @houseofeffie.

Many of the tales are screenshots of alleged DMs from Hammer to women he was involved with. Trigger warning: they involve very extreme sexual fantasies including, mutilation and cannibalism.

Some also allude to sexual violence that wasn’t consensual at all, though there are people who have defended the conversations by saying they’re simply exploring a fetish.

The accusations got more serious as women who were publicly known to have dated Hammer came forward with their accounts of what it was like, saying he was abusive and manipulative both physically and emotionally.

Now, another ex has given details of her encounter with Hammer. Paige Lorenze is an Instagram influencer who spoke with the Daily Mail about what dating Hammer was like in the four months they were together in 2020.

Lorenze says that she had bad bruises all over her body while she was with Hammer, saying she was his “own real-life Christian Grey fantasy.”

She said he escalated his behavior to biting her all over, leaving marks which he told her she should be proud of because they were “just love bites.”

“Once, he said, ‘If you did not tell me to stop I would eat a piece out of you.’ And he was serious too. It was like he actually wanted to eat my flesh away.”

He had her watch the film Secretary, which is about a Dom and sub relationship.

“He wanted me to relate to her emotional problems in the way she finds purpose in life through a dominant partner and BDSM,” explained Lorenze.

The biting got more intense and Lorenze says that Hammer told her he wanted to find a doctor who would remove one of her ribs in Los Angeles, telling her she didn’t need it. He told her he wanted to barbecue it and eat it while she watched.

“He said that more than once,” she said. “He was very serious.”

The most extreme story Lorenze share was about how Hammer would engage with “knife play” except it wasn’t a game at all. She said he would often hold a knife while they had sex and glide it across her skin, and “usually” he wouldn’t cut her. But one night he decided he wanted to brand her.

“He tried to rationalize it as his gesture of his commitment to us being together for the long-term,” said Lorenze. “I wasn’t sure he was serious, as he looked over my body and said: ‘Where should I carve an A on you?’ Before I could process it, he plunged the tip of the knife into my flesh just above my vagina. The pain was excruciating, but I did not want to seem weak, despite the discomfort.”

“I froze as he smiled at his work. He then said the cut was not deep enough, even though it was about an inch – the whole tip of the blade. He said he wanted to collect a kitchen knife to make it bigger, but then as it bled, he started licking it. This continued for a few minutes. And I kind of blanked it all out.”

Lorenze says Hammer knew she was upset about him cutting her, but never apologized. He bragged to people they knew about it.

“I was upset, embarrassed, and humiliated, but he insisted: ‘You should be proud of it,'” she said.

“I rationalized it with his logic of us being a couple, to mask the truth – but I was completely manipulated,” she added. “It’s humiliating as it will haunt me forever.”

Lorenze says she is going to have laser treatments to remove the scar. And she’s speaking up now because she wants people to understand the difference between kink and coercion, and how BDSM can obscure the difference.

On her Instagram page, she posted a message about how important it is to learn your own boundaries and express them in sex.

As for Hammer, she says she wants him to “address his demons, see the pain and trauma that he has caused” to her and others.

“This is not me kink-shaming — I want that to be clear.”

Hammer has denied all the accusations about his sex life and abuse, and he has stepped down from a movie he was scheduled to star in across from Jennifer Lopez.

His lawyer responded to Lorenze’s interview with a statement saying, “These assertions about Mr. Hammer are patently untrue. Any interactions with this person, or any partner of his, were completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.”

That’s what Hammer and his lawyer say, and a whole lot of women who disagree.