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50 People Who Knew Celebrities Before They Were Famous Share How They’ve Changed—Or Not


Bruno Mars’s mom was a bartender at a local karaoke dive bar that I was a regular at.

At the time, his biggest hit was the hook for “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy.

Anyway, she was selling tickets for an upcoming concert he was having and she asked our table if we wanted to buy some. My friend declined and she exclaimed “WHY NOT! HE’s MY SON!!!”

I ended up getting a couple of tickets despite not knowing any of Bruno Mars’s songs. It turned out to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. The guy knows how to put on a good live show.

The tickets were only $40 each I think. His opening act was a local group of large Polynesian men singing Motown who went by the name “Nesian 9”. They were pretty good too.

The next time he was in town for a concert, he had blown up and the tickets were going for $400. I would have loved to see him again, but not at that price…

His mom was really nice, down to earth, and a pretty good singer herself. RIP Bernie. At least she lived long enough to see her son’s success.—u/anonymous_potato


My bio teacher was friends with Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office). They used to grab coffee often around the time The Office started. From how she described him, Rainn seems like a pretty down-to-earth guy.—u/redd___z


Tyler the Creator – Exactly the same. We were all concerned at how bizarre he was. He would call people “a table” or something incredibly random and the sense of humor caught on in my high school. The fame did nothing, he’s still strange and a sweetheart.—u/lil-teapots

celebrities before they were famous, celebrities before they were famous reddit


My mom dated Will Ferrell for a little while. He came round quite a lot and she said he was real down to earth and incredibly funny. However afterwards they really just lost touch. So we never got to know how he personally changed, my mom says she’s still like used to be.

My mom and dad still laugh about her dating him.—u/FloppyFly


Family friend of mine actually dated Kurt Cobain before Ms.Love. Apparently they broke up because he wouldn’t get a job, then a little while later he got famous. Can’t finish the question for obvious reasons.—u/Kalpaz


I met Noah Centineo when he was in Austin and Ally so that was a little before he started becoming big. I don’t know him very well (although he did once babysit me haha). But I more so know his mom as she is one of my mom’s closest friends. My mom does still see Noah sometimes and says he hasn’t really changed. And that he comes to his mom’s events sure says something! Still a sweet, gentleman!

Ps: Kellee Centineo, though, I do know well. She is amazing!—u/izthepuzz


Mom knew Jeff Bezos’ sister in high school, never really knew him all that well but she says he was well known to be a grade-A dickhead. Very full of himself and huge god complex even before he went to Princeton etc, so really not that much different from what I can tell—u/vertigonas


My dad was good friends with Johnny Depp back in the day. It was around when he was first filming 21 Jump Street (the show, not the movie lol). My dad says he was really humble and kind and always paid their bar tab. Apparently he was quite generous in giving out lots of free quality cocaine at partys too!—u/birdlover666

celebrities before they were famous, celebrities before they were famous reddit


A close family friend was best friends with Tom Cruise before he got famous. I didn’t believe her and she showed me pictures they have taken together like a Vegas road trip, camping, etc. He was really awesome but as soon as he got an ounce of fame it went to his head and he became very arrogant and a fame whore—u/pumpkin10313


My 8th grade science teacher dated Bill Nye. Broke up with him because he didn’t like kids.—u/ExpiredPilot