Courtney Stodden Calls Chrissy Teigen A Hypocrite For Leaving Twitter Over ‘Bullying’

Online personality Courtney Stodden rose to popularity because she married 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison when she was only 16 years old. Instead of having the man arrested, most people turned on Stodden, skewering her hyper-sexualized persona and basically everything else about her.

It turns out that former model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen joined in at the time and Stodden is now pointing out what a hypocrite that makes her.

Teigen announced she was leaving Twitter, basically saying the negativity and criticism she received there wasn’t worth it. Fans cried out that Teigen was “bullied” off the app.

On her Instagram page, Stodden shared an old tweet from Teigen about her that read, “Saying Courtney Stodden’s FB page got shut down being ‘too sexy’ is like saying the Nazis were just meanies. As in, not quite.”

I’m not really sure what that is even supposed to mean, but Stodden clearly took offense. She captioned the screenshot, “What a shame @chrissyteigen is leaving Twitter … it’s too ‘negative’ for herrrrrr #chrissyteigen #bully.”

Other old tweets from Chrissy Teigen about Courtney Stodden, often tagging the (at the time) teenager were posted on TMZ. Whatever you think about either person in this story, these tweets are pretty mean.

Teigen directly tells Stodden she hates her and implies she wants her to die:

Other people have pointed out Teigen’s history of bullying people on Twitter in the past, referring to her strangely aggressive tweets about nine-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis:

TMZ reports that Stodden says the tweets from Teigen about her seemingly came out of nowhere and that she has never attempted to make any kind of apology for it. We should probably all be apologizing to Courtney Stodden though: