Demi Lovato’s New Video Re-Enacts The Night She Overdosed

Demi Lovato, who recently shared a new YouTube documentary, Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, has revealed her new music video — and it’s about the night she overdosed on heroin several years ago.

Demi Lovato /

Her documentary itself very openly discusses her past drug use and her sexual assaults, the first of which, she says, was in 2018 at the hands of her drug dealer. It happened the same night as an overdose.

“When they found me, I was naked, blue. I was literally left for dead after he took advantage of me.”

Demi Lovato’s new video for the song Dancing with the Devil is also about the night of her overdose. It follows the story from her documentary closely.

Demi Lovato /

The song follows her entire evening of that overdose and the attention to detail is high.

It gets details like what clothes she was wearing right!

Lovato had said in her documentary that after her assaults, she tried to “take control” by staying in touch with the people who raped her; she “tried to make it right by being in control. All it did was make me feel worse”.’

This video seems a healthier way to provide herself closure around the time in her life she struggled.

Demi Lovato/ YouTube

Fans were blown away by the “raw emotion in this performance”, which Cami Petyn on YouTube pointed out. Others lauded that Lovato was not afraid to face her past.

Emira wrote, “As a former heroin and meth addict, I have been so ashamed of my past for years. I was an IV drug user and I hid it from everyone I knew… I am proudly 6 years sober… Thank you, Demi, for sharing your story. I know it wasn’t easy.”

Demi Lovato / YouTube