Emily Ratajkowski Got Mom-Shamed For Holding Her Baby “Wrong” In Bikini Promo Pics

Another day, another group of people criticizing someone for holding their baby “the wrong way.” Remember what happened to Meghan Markle?

This time, it’s Emily Ratajkowski coming under fire for committing the ultimate sin of awkwardly holding her baby for probably a grand total of five seconds.

Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Take her away, she is unfit!

Ratajkowski, who recently gave birth to baby Sylvester, shared some photos of herself and her baby wearing matching swimsuits (from Ratajkowski’s swimwear line Inamorata) while on vacation for her 30th birthday with husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. The photos were shared to Instagram, but Ratajkowski turned off comments.

Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Since people had nothing better to do, they took to Twitter to criticize the new mom, accusing her of caring more about getting a good shot than holding her baby properly. Why do people hate new moms so much?

Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Look, there’s so many things to pick on in this world, why harass a new mom?

Featured Image: Instagram