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Gordon Ramsay Responds To Vegan Teacher’s Song Roasting Him For Eating Meat

A woman known as Miss Kadie, or @thatveganteacher on TikTok, is pretty much one of those vegans who give other vegans a bad name.

She makes purposely inflammatory statements about how she’d never donate an organ to a meat eater, and for putting her dog on an all-vegan diet. She also frequently targets smaller accounts on TikTok who use leather or cook with animal products and sends her followers to harass and report them. Lady, can’t you just eat your plants and be chill?

This time, Miss Kadie is trying to gain attention by targeting a much bigger fish. She wrote a song to Chef Gordon Ramsay, who is known for two things: not suffering fools gladly, and cooking with LOTS of meat.

In her TikTok, Kadie strums the ukulele and sings, “Eating animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay. Hurting animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay. Share this song, Gordon Ramsay.”

He actually did share her song, dueting it the way he often duets people’s at-home recipes gone wrong. In the clip, he listens to Kadie sing, first munching a piece of lettuce with some enthusiasm. But as she gets to the end, Kadie says Ramsay can call her a doughnut.

He calls her a “vegan donut” and bites into a big old hamburger with the works:

Ramsay isn’t entirely anti-vegan. He added a vegan version of Beef Wellington to his restaurant’s menu in celebration of Veganuary, replacing the meat with beets:

Though, maybe that dish was secretly an attack, because an entire beet wrapped in some breading isn’t too appealing. He has also joked and said he’s “allergic” to vegans in the past:

Because of how That Vegan Teacher operates, it makes sense that she’d target a high profile celebrity chef like Ramsay.

There’s no chance he’ll change his mind, but she still gets to connect her name to someone more important than her. And he gets to dunk on a vegan. It’s a win-win for everyone except the animals.