Jameela Jamil Slams Amber Rose For Promoting ‘Flat Tummy’ Products For Pregnant Women

The Good Place star Jameela Jamil has used her social media platform to rail against appetite suppressants, detox teas, skinny shakes, and other ‘quick-fix’ weight-loss products. She’s also slammed the celebrities who promote them on Instagram, publicly attacking nearly every Kardashian for posting sponsored ads for the dangerous merchandise.

The latest famous person to draw Jamil’s ire for shilling weight-loss products is model and actress Amber Rose. Rose—who is pregnant with her second baby—promoted Flat Tummy Co.’s Organic Pregnancy Tea on Instagram. Posing in bright pink sweatpants and a black crop top that bares her pregnant belly, the 35-year-old TV personality wrote in a caption to her 18.8 million followers: “They’ve just launched an Organic Pregnancy Tea to help us mums with those bloated, nauseous, blah feeling days! It’s safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding.”

Jamil posted a screenshot of Rose’s ad to Twitter, writing in all caps, “FLAT TUMMY PRODUCTS FOR… PREGNANT WOMEN?” before asking, “Is this FDA approved? Are we…f—king…KIDDING?” and tagging the official U.S. Food And Drug Administration account.


The sentiment was echoed by enraged fans in the comments section of Rose’s Instagram ad. Putting aside for a minute that a flat-tummy product for pregnant women now exists, which is some Idiocracy-level stupidity, people were pissed that Rose is endorsing a product for pregnant women as “safe” when the FDA hasn’t approved it.


For those unfamiliar, flat tummy tea works because it contains a laxative, which is unsafe for pregnant women when taken in large quantities. Also worth noting is that the Flat Tummy Co website literally features the warning: “Please do not use the products available on the site when pregnant or breastfeeding.”

Over on Twitter, folks praised Jamil for blasting Rose, who has yet to respond to the controversy.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but: no amount of detox tea will turn your pregnant belly flat.