E! Totally Pranked Jameela Jamil At The Golden Globes Using Her Character From ‘The Good Place’

Fans of NBC’s hit comedy The Good Place were thrilled to see that E! played an excellent joke on Jameela Jamil, one of the show’s stars, during the Golden Globes red carpet.

On The Good Place, Jamil plays a character named Tahani Al-Jamil. While she walked the carpet, E! showed her name in the on-screen chyron below her. Only, instead of using her actual name, they used the name of her character’s very hated (but recently reconciled) sister, Kamilah Al-Jamil, who always outshone her.


E! is owned by NBC, so it makes sense that they’d play a joke on Jamil.

People on Twitter loved this totally meta joke.

Well-played, whoever writes the chyrons at E! Well-played. (Slow clap.)