Kendall Jenner Gets Roasted After Her Star-Studded, “No Mask” Halloween Party

Suffice it to say, 2020 Halloween was much different from those in the past. Everyone around the country modified their trick-or-treat set-ups and wore masks, not only as part of their costumes but to protect others from COVID. 

Sorry, not everyone; not the Kardashian/Jenner crew.

It seems they learned nothing from Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday fiasco, where Kim revealed that she’d flown out her very large family to a “private island” after health screenings and quarantine…so she says.

Even if she managed to wrangle so many people into following health protocols, there were still a number of employees making her event happen, and they all had to wear masks and risk their health just so Kendall could blow out her candles. (All while dressed as “Barb” from Barbed Wire)

The backlash, as you can imagine, was swift and intense. It’s possible it gave Kendall Jenner pause when she started planning her maskless 25th birthday bash on Halloween. If so, she took the wrong lesson.

The 100+ celebrity-studded event wasn’t canceled: The party took place on Saturday, Oct. 31, in LA. Stars like Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Doja Cat and The Weeknd were in attendance.

Not only did this not work at all, her sister Kylie Jenner immediately began posting all over the place:

All the big-name celebrities started to get identified and posted about for showing up to a massive party with no masks in the midst of a pandemic:

Though many shamelessly revealed themselves, like Kanye West, who posted The Weeknd’s costume:

People were pretty disgusted with the whole thing, especially because Kendall Jenner posted images of herself in costume with a sign reading “vote.” Vote for what? For you to be run out of town?

Perhaps the most iconic image of the night is of Kendall BLOWING all over the cake that’s about to be served to everyone as her masked waiter tries to lean out of the way:

At least Miley Cyrus had a rational response after someone said she unfollowed all of the people at the party when she learned how they didn’t wear masks:

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