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People React To Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Holding Hands On A Roller Coaster (15 Tweets)

If you missed the news that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were spotted holding hands at Knott’s Scary Farm, may I please congratulate you for not filling your mind with absolute fluff.

But here we are: they were holding hands and have said they were “just friends.” Of course, this also comes on the heels of them kissing during an SNL skit.


People reported that a source said, “They hang in the same circles, so they will be together from time to time. It’s just friends hanging out.”

But Twitter still lost its mind. Check it:

1. Oprah

Twitter: @emmytargaryen

2. Gateway

Twitter: @addisonwoodside

3. Lord, poor Pete

Twitter: @chandIermonica

4. Confess

5. Is it?

Twitter: @B6TGIRLS

6. That’s demeaning


7. Why are we talking about this?

Twitter: @anniej24_

8. I don’t get it.

Twitter: @iam_johnw2

9. Social

10. I honestly hope that person is flying high

11. Yes, decades later, here we are, whining about how everything this family does is fake and staged.

12. Mk.

13. Apt

14. Incoming

15. Friends