Kobe Bryant Explaining Is The Right Meme For So Many Situations (27 Memes)

The Brief: Video of Kobe Bryant explaining what appears to be the particulars of a basketball game to his daughter Gianna has gone viral on Twitter, birthing the “Kobe Bryant Explaining” meme.

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via Twitter

No matter how cool you think you are, once you have a kid, you learn that you’re a dork. Moms and dads figure this out around the time their kids start going through puberty. It’s tough, but it must be way worse for parents who are actually supposed to be cool.

Like Kobe Bryant, who is an actual (ex) NBA player. Now that his kids are growing up, he can explain basketball to his daughter Gianna, as shared by Twitter user @MomoLcztt:

The clip shows Gianna patiently nodding and smiling at an appropriate moment as her dad appears to break down an NBA game that is happening right in front of their courtside seats.

Gianna seems to be having a perfectly nice time, but the expression on both their faces is funny for being so relatable. Dads love explaining stuff. And even if you didn’t have the kind of dad who wanted to show you how the garbage disposal works or something, their looks are still so familiar. 

The cute conversation quickly turned into a meme, as people labeled what the conversation was actually about, taking either Kobe or Gianna’s side, depending on who they identified with the most. Scroll through the best ones below and find the Kobe Bryant explaining meme that works for your situation. It can all be found in their faces—and on Twitter, of course.