This Dad’s Hilarious Airport Pick-Up Signs Embarrass His Daughter But Delight Twitter

If you’ve ever been picked up at the airport — you know, looking for someone holding one of those huge signs with your name on it, swaying in the chaotic crowd — you’ll know that after a long flight all you want to see are those letters spelling your name. And your loved ones, of course…

But one woman, Courtney Payne, got a rather embarrassing surprise when her dad, Doug, picked her up at the Kansas City airport bearing signs that really, er, caught her eye. 

Luckily, Courtney thought to share the ridiculous with the Internet saying, “Every time my dad picks me up from the airport he makes a sign…”

Honestly, there is nothing more dad-like (or adorable, frankly) than these homemade signs. This full-on elf costume (with the shoes!) is beyond over-the-top, especially with the word “naughty” scribbled onto the sign. 


In this video Courtney captured, you can hear him say, “Is that you? Are you Courtney Payne on the naughty list?”

In fact, he shouts it through the airport for everyone to hear:

And then there’s this piece of absolute genius, complete with jean shorts, wherein her dad holds up the jankiest looking sign for “Kardashian.” We can feel Courtney’s face going red as she asks her Instagram Stories for help…


Then there’s the time he showed up with a sign for country music star Miranda Lambert, which we can only assume probably confused everyone at the airport. We love how he’s wearing a suit for this celebrity pick-up. 


This lime-green sign for “Courtney Payne,” — AKA Miss Oregon — is pretty out of control, and we’re here for it. 


Of course, people from all over were LOVING it, and they let Courtney know how adorable her and her dad were:

Plus, multiple news outlets covered the story, proving her dad wrong: The cuteness of their story COULD blow up the Internet:

Doug, you’re the man. 

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