chrissy teigen answers fan questions

Chrissy Teigen Answers Fan Questions About What It’s Like Being Famous (42 Tweets)

Being famous seems like it could be really fun, but when you get down to the logistics of being recognizable on sight by everyone on the street, it starts to look a little more complicated. How do A-List celebs get to through airport security? Do they enjoy all those awards shows? Where do they vacation so that their beach bodies don’t end up on gossip mag covers?

Model and Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen is the people’s champion, so of course she stepped forward and offered her own experiences as tribute. She opened the floor to her 12 million followers, writing, “It’s celebrity question asking time! Ask me, your favorite A list celebrity anything you would like to know about being a super huge A list celebrity.”

And Teigen did answer quite a lot of fan questions, though some things, like “what’s your credit score” may never be known. Here are some of the best Chrissy Teigen replies to fan questions that will satisfy your curiosity until the time you find yourself famous.

1. First of all, is it fun?

2. But what’s the best part?

3. What’s the most guilt-inducing part

4. How does she deal with those anxieties

5. Does she enjoy it all the time?

6. How does her day start?

7. Can a “normal” person date a celeb? 

8. How do celebs connect?

9. Do you hash out the hot goss?

10. What’s up with the palatial home and wardrobe?