Keanu Reeves Made The Internet Fall Even Deeper In Love By Writing A Sweet Message On This Fan’s Yard Sign

Keanu Reeves has always been all our boyfriends, ever since he popped onto the scene as a wide-eyed youth, surfing his way across time.

He has aged like fine wine into the rugged, handsome, older man of our dreams. There is no bad era in our relationship to Keanu. He is always charming, always perfect, always adorable, always a little bit Sad.

Reeves has been getting even more attention than usual with the return of his John Wick character and a very hilarious appearance in the Netflix hit Always Be My Maybe, in which he plays a perfectly derange version of himself. He’s everywhere!

But actually, he’s in Louisiana filming a new movie. The local population is all a-buzz, and one woman decided she wanted to find some way to connect with the star. Knowing he was driving through the neighborhood, Stacey Hunt posted a sign on her lawn reading, “You’re breathtaking.”

And he actually saw it.

The phrase a reference to a meme that started when someone screamed it in Keanu’s face at an event. When Keanu saw it, he stopped the car and went to talk to the person who posted it. Then he asked Stacey Hunt for permission to sign her sign!

What did he write?

“Stacey, You’re breathtaking!”

Can you even imagine? Stacey is obviously pretty psyched to not only meet her movie star hero but to get such an amazing compliment from him.

And a photo op!

Sigh. Oh, Keanu. When will you read MY sign? It’s directions to my bedroom.

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