Twitter Thread Of Dads Who “Didn’t Want A Cat” Goes Viral

Lots of people don’t think of themselves as “cat people” until they meet the right cats. Cats are unlike dogs in that they are loyal, and choose people with a great deal of discernment. Once you have a cat friend, you have a friend for life. It feels like being gifted with a curious, social, soft little buddy who knows exactly how to curl against you to make your nap cozy as hellllll. 

But until that happens, many will insist they don’t want a cat in their life. One of the biggest perpetrators of this lie are dads, who imagine all sorts of obligations and responsibilities associated with cat ownership and who probably have some sort of bias—cats are frequently seen as a more feminine pet, for some bizarre sexist reason we should all let go of immediately. Dads do eventually get won over once the cat gets in the house, as Twitter user @roobeekeane, or Ruby, demonstrated.

She shared a picture of a gray cat sniffing grocery items in a kitchen, and captioned it, “My dad who ‘didn’t want a cat’ showing Lucas every item of the weekly shop because ‘he wants to see what we’ve got.'”

Ah, yes, the all-important cat grocery inspection:

The post was so popular she shared some updates. Ruby’s family actually has two cats, Lucas and Dustin.

She shared some more pics of her dad walking them on harnesses outside, because he’s afraid they’ll run into the road.

There’s dad “holding an umbrella over them while they sit on the shed.”


And dad “making them a sandpit and a paddling pool.” These are cats with many varied interests:


Dad, Dustin, and Lucas make an adorable trio, but there were a million even cuter responses as people shared stories and photos of all their dads, and a few moms, who were reluctant to admit a cat into the home and then became completely obsessed. There were also a few stories of reluctant dog owners, to show this isn’t a one-pet issue.

It’s the wholesome content the Internet needs:

Don’t try to resist, human dad. Get a cat. It will change your life!

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