“Videos Will Haunt Me Until I Die”—Mia Khalifa Regrets Doing Porn, Tells TikTok Teen It’s “Not Worth It”

Mia Khalifa is in her late twenties, but when she was 21 she worked for about three months in the porn industry. According to an interview she recently did with Hero magazine, Khalifa does not own any of the videos she’s in, and a huge conglomerate owns the web domain with her name attached. She says she was paid a flat fee of about £9,000 pre-tax. The company that owns all her videos and pictures has made an estimated $50 million.

At the time Khalifa’s porn career was beginning, she was a very well-known name, in part because she wore a hijab in a scene despite being Catholic. To be honest, I have not followed her at all and I still knew exactly who she was! And I had no idea how brief her film career was, nor the fight she’s had to put up to distance herself from it or get the rights back to her name. That’s how powerful a reputation can be.

All of that might be why Khalifa recently told a girl on TikTok that she shouldn’t get into porn. In a TikTok made by a young woman that has now been set to private, the TikToker wrote, “When you realize pornhub pays you 20k to be in a video w/o your face in it.”

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Khalifa commented on the video, saying, “Girl don’t do it…….. iss not worth it.”

She also wrote in an Instagram Story that she is “reeling from the level of love” people are showing her, adding: “I…..am…utterly overwhelmed by the support from every woman on social media tonight…And I don’t want to go to bed because I want to hug each and every one of you until I fall asleep.”

“Those 11 videos will haunt me until I die,” she wrote in another story. “And I don’t want another girl to go through that—Because NO ONE should.”

“Long story short: don’t do porn. And if you do, don’t do it with a company,” Khalifa wrote. “Do it for yourself, on your own terms. And if you consume porn, make sure it’s ethical and not from giant corporations who profit off exploiting women.”

mia khalifa, mia khalifa tiktok teen, mia khalifa it's not worth it

Khalifa’s comment soon had her name trending on Twitter, probably because a lot of people hadn’t necessarily been aware of Khalifa’s feelings if they don’t follow her on social media:

Khalifa has also commented on the stuff she has lost since her porn career on Twitter:

In her interview with Hero, Khalifa explains that she has done a lot of work on herself to escape the need for validation, which motivated a lot of her decision making when she was younger. But she also says that there is a predatory aspect to porn that people don’t understand from the outside, and she was not ready for when she signed her contract.

She suggests that if you want to watch porn (and her fame indicates that people really do!), buy it directly from performers as much as possible to avoid supporting exploitation. And if you’re a young person considering entering the industry, research more than just the money. 

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