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Montel Williams Dated Kamala Harris And There’s Photo Evidence

Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris has set a lot of firsts with her election win: first woman in the office, first Black woman in the office, first South Asian woman in the office. Whatever anyone thinks of her politics, her personal history makes her a far more interesting person than anyone has seen in the White House in a while.

Well, I guess Mike Pence is interesting in a kind of terrifying way. Would still pick Harris any day! Especially after reading this story.

On Twitter, some photos have started circulating of Kamala Harris out on a step and repeat with Montel Williams, famous talk show host, around 2001. The images went viral after people started suggesting everyone had “forgotten” these two dated for a brief time.

People are wondering why they never heard about the two dating, especially when it’s exactly the kind of story the public would find interesting. Some suggested she herself forgot—after all, she’s married now to the First Gentleman, Doug Emhoff. Everyone over the age of thirty partied a little with unexpected company twenty years ago. Does Kamala Harris even remember?

Actually, the subject has come up several times and Twitter just has the short-term memory of a goldfish bowl. TMZ reports that the pictures already circulated a year ago when Kamala Harris was campaigning for the presidency. They added that the other woman in the photos is Montel’s daughter, Ashley, and they’re at a charity event. 

People want to know exactly why we are pouring over Harris’s dating history right now when there are so many other bigger issues to focus on:

Which is almost exactly what Montel Williams himself said in 2019 when the story first started circulating again.

@KamalaHarris and I briefly dated about 20 years ago when we were both single,” he tweeted. “So what? I have great respect for Sen. Harris. I have to wonder if the same stories about her dating history would have been written if she were a male candidate?”

To be honest, I would be very interested if a male candidate dated Montel Williams, but I get his point. Few of us would want our hook-up history rolled out for anyone to see the moment we ascend to the second-highest office in the land. 

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