Ok Macaulay Culkin Might Have The Best COVID Face Mask

Every once in a while, Macaulay Culkin will pop up to remind everyone what a gift he is to this world.

Remember a few years ago when he formed The Pizza Underground, a Velvet Underground parody group with songs only about pizza?

Yeah, he really did that.

He’s also hilariously self-aware of his iconic child-actor past.

Plus, he loves reminding us how long ago the ’90s were.

This week, he reminded us via a brand new face mask why we’ll never stop loving Mac.

This mask is perfect on its own, but Mac found a way to make it even better.

Of course, the internet went wild, with his tweet receiving 856.5k likes and counting since it was posted on Oct. 7. It was even declared “art” by @ArtDecider.

Lisa didn’t like it, though.

Danielle shared that they have their own Home Alone-inspired mask as well.

Sana sums up our relationship with Mac the best, though:

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