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Olivia Jade Is Catching Heat For Whining About Getting “Publicly Shamed” After New Netflix Doc Drops

You’ve got to give it to Olivia Jade and her family. We’ve gone through a pandemic, presidential election, two impeachments, and an insurrection since news broke about their college admissions scandal. And they’ve still stuck around!

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It’s been two years since the bombshell news item dropped that Olivia Jade’s parents — Mossimo Giannuli and Lori “Aunt Becky” Loughlin — paid $500,000 in bribes to get their daughters into college.

Olivia Jade, already an influential beauty YouTuber, got the most attention, especially when old YouTube videos popped up of her complaining about college.

Olivia Jade / Instagram

The scandal sparked a nationwide conversation about wealth and privilege. While a necessary conversation, a lot of vitriol was thrown toward Olivia Jade, who was 19 at the time.

Recently, Netflix released Operation Varsity Blues (also what Rick Singer called the admissions operation he ran) and the story is popping up all over again.

And with Olivia Jade’s involvement in the bribes coming to light, there’s been some chatter about how much Aunt Becky’s baby girl has been telling us.

A lot of people referenced the episode of Red Table Talk, where Olivia Jade sat as a guest and said she didn’t know what was going on.

(Adrienne Banfield Norris — Jada Pinkett Smith’s mom, for those not in the know — detected a whole lotta B.S. during the discussion.)

Olivia Jade saw herself being “shamed,” as she called it, online and responded via TikTok.

She begins the video by sharing wisdom one person told her:

“It doesn’t matter if I’m drowning in 60-feet of water and you’re drowning in 30 – we’re both still drowning.”

And goes on to say:

“It doesn’t matter if somebody’s going through worse. You’re allowed to have a hard time in this world. And that doesn’t take away from someone else, and that doesn’t take away from you.”


doesn’t matter if you’re drowning in 60 ft and I’m drowning in 30… were both still drowning. Love this message – have a beautiful day

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That is actually… correct? People with privilege can recognize that privilege and the fact they struggle with mental health just like everyone else. That seems kinda fair.

However, people didn’t take well to the sentiment.

Probably because it was filmed outdoors in what we can only assume is a luxurious dwelling place while Olivia Jade was wearing what we can only assume are designer sunglasses.

Yeah, that’s the part people didn’t like.

The last comment is the one that puts all the anger in perspective: Olivia Jade was already positioned to succeed and didn’t need to cheat to begin with.