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Woman Gets To Live The “Look At Us” Paul Rudd Meme In Real Life, With Paul Rudd’s Help

Actor Paul Rudd is famous for a lot of things, so you’d think fans would have a lot of different ways to approach him. But based on this story from Charlotte Wilder, he’s only been getting one fan reaction lately.

Wilder wrote that she was flying to Kentucky when she saw Rudd on the plane. She wanted to say hello to him, and strongly considered opening with, “Hey, look at us! Who would’ve thought?”

She was hoping he would respond with, “Not me! which is a reference to a meme of Rudd that’s been very popular over the last few months. The meme was born from a clip of Rudd talking to the host of Hot Ones, Sean Evans. Rudd is the one who says, “Hey, look at us!” implying they’ve come a long way, baby. Evans replies, “Who would’ve thought?” and then Rudd exclaims, “Not me!”

It is a delightful exchange that applied to so many situations, as Twitter users showed:

Anyway, Wilder restrained herself, but she did say hello to Rudd and even told him what her first impulse was. He thanked her for not bringing the meme up, so I guess it’s been a problem:

But THEN Wilder bumped into Rudd again, this time in the Chiefs’ locker room, and he was ready to make her day. She wrote that she told him, “‘Hey! It’s me, the girl from the plane’ And he gives me a hug, glances around the room and says, ‘Hey, look at us. Who would’ve thought?’ And I passed out.”

Nice. Thank you, Paul Rudd, for restoring everyone’s faith in celebrities while simultaneously consigning yourself to several more years of fans approaching you to say, “Hey, look at us.”

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