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Travis Scott Deactivates Instagram After People Clown On His Halloween Costume

Despite COVID-19’s best efforts, many people throughout the U.S. decided that having parties during a pandemic after months inside was a safe and good idea for All Hallow’s Eve. While some people did manage to just get dressed up at home and take a selfie for the ‘gram, quite a few more shamelessly went out and mingled. Amongst them were the Kardashian/Jenners, of course. They love throwing parties during a pandemic, and Kendall Jenner decided to have her 25th birthday party on Halloween:

One of the attendees was Travis Scott, father to Kylie Jenner’s little Stormi. From what people have seen of the costumes at this shindig, people really went all out:

Travis Scott had to come with a great costume and he clearly thought he had one. In an Instagram post captured by The Shade Room, Scott presented an entire storyline of his costume’s arrival. First, he walked out to wear it was set up in a glass case:

Because it’s a Batman costume, and that’s how Batman housed his looks:

Then he showed himself all dressed up in what looks like a brown Batman outfit, next to a brown car that could be interpreted as a Batmobile:

Look, in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with this costume, there is something wrong with going to a party. If he wanted to lounge around his house in his suit or prowl the property and startle the security guards, that’s his business. But most people responded to the costume by saying it looked like crap:

It got so bad that Travis Scott deactivated his entire Instagram so no more comments could roll in:

Some people were sad for Scott and wanted him to be left alone:

The Internet is so mean. You’d think the people who dress Scott would know that and do a better job.

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