Kylie Jenner Sent Stormi To Her First Day Of School In A $12,000 Backpack, And People Have Opinions

What are the Kardashians and the Jenners famous for if not grotesque wealth? Kylie is no exception.

Both Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were recently both declared billionaires (though Kylie isn’t anymore), and everybody else is doing quite well for themselves, too. Spending like money grows on trees is normal for this group. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that this kind of generational wealth would be a part of little Stormi’s life, too.

On Instagram, Kylie posted a shot of Stormi going to her first day of home school. So, she’s standing in the driveway, dressed up for school, very clearly showing that she is wearing a $12,000 Hermés Kelly Ado bag. That bag is so fancy, my poor ears have never heard of it:

What do you think is in there? A lip gloss? A pencil? And who is homeschooling this child? If it’s Kylie herself, she’s already teaching Stormi a whole lot about sponsored content. 

People on the Internet are divided. Some people seem genuinely pissed that a two-year-old is carrying around a year’s rent on her little shoulders.


And it’s pretty hard not to make comparisons to personal experiences with Stormi’s. some people might be jealous, but others think that she is kinda missing out. The Jansport selection is primo:

Kylie also shared a video of little Stormi dancing around, enjoying the attention, and clearly completely unaware of the world judging her fashion already:

RHONY star Bethanny Frankel seems to be one of the few fellow rich people to have said anything about the tastelessness of this post. She commented on a US Weekly post about the backpack, according to Love B Scott, writing, “I never say anything about this stuff but this is the most transparent humble brag I’ve seen yet. It’s everything wrong with everything.”

She apparently received a lot of backlash and went on to comment more on Twitter:

Yeah. Stormi will likely own more expensive things than that backpack in her life. In the meantime, the Jenners should really read the room.

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