Twitter Can’t Stop Thirsting Over Chris Pratt’s New Dad Bod

If you’re a fan of Chris Pratt, I’m sure you remember when he appeared as Andy on Parks and Recreation. The actor and comedian happened to be sporting a rather plump appearance, totally rocking a full-on dad bod. Who can forget his adorable, dirty-ish appearance on the show?

But, as Pratt’s career took off and he landed some new blockbuster roles, he had to shape up and get ripped—especially for Guardians of the Galaxy.

But, recently, paparazzi have spotted Pratt vacationing with no shirt on and, Twitter cannot be happier to see that his dad bod has officially made its comeback. Why? We’re unsure. While some women thirst over ripped, chiseled abs, others get excited to see a bit of plump in that belly area (and, man boobs).

What a great start to 2019!