20 Times Celebrities Shared Real, Unretouched Photos Of Themselves

I, for one, welcome seeing real photos of real people. Enjoy a round-up of some celebrities who braved imperfection to show us their real bodies!

1. Demi Lovato celebrated her eating disorder recovery by sharing her stretch marks.

Demi Lovato | Instagram
Demi Lovato | Instagram
Demi Lovato | Instagram

2. A video admiring stretch marks from Ashley Graham

3. Keke Palmer shared her polycystic ovary syndrome’s effects on her skin

4. Kylie Jenner’s Stretch Marks

@kyliejenner / Instagram

5. Chrissy Teigen’s scars after her endometriosis surgery

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

6. Salma Hayek shares her “white hair of wisdom”

@salmahayek / Instagram

7. Nicole Byer shows off her bikini bod

8. Helen Mirren’s “first thing in the morning” selfie

@helenmirren / Instagram

9. Sarah Hyland’s chronic kidney condition

@sarahhyland / Instagram

10. Paris Jackson’s hair

@parisjackson / Instagram

11. Freckles galore for Gabrielle Union

@gabunion / Instagram

12. Dua Lipa’s unhappy skin

@dualipa / Instagram

13. BTS for Selena Gomez

@Selenagomez / Instagram

14. And her kidney transplant scar

15. Lorde’s acne struggles

@lorde / Instagram

16. Katy Perry’s VMA selfie after Daisy’s birth

@katyperry / Instagram

17. Lili Reinhart’s cystic acne

@lilireinhart / Instagram

18. Comparing herself and Camila Mendes’ bodies before and after photoshopping

@lilireinhart / Instagram

19. Kiss My Ass, says Hilary Duff

20. Mindy Kaling’s zit cream