People Are Calling Out Dead Celebrities We Treat Like Saints But Were Truly Awful While They Were Alive (20 Celebs)

While it seems like every day a new celebrity is canceled, it only takes a trip down Reddit to discover the wild amount of celebrities who did truly crappy things and are still memorialized as saintly.

On Reddit, people are sharing who they think should be relegated to the trash heap of history instead of sanctified.

And some may be surprising to you while others’ reputations have always been hinted at with whispers and anonymous accounts.

1. Ray Charles

“Made children all over the place and refused to acknowledge them.” — JuanPancake

2. Jerry Lewis


“He treated his family like shit, cut his kids out of his will and was a real pos on set. Watch some clips on youtube of him and his behaviour. Terrible. Most likely stemming from when he and Dean Martin split from being Martin & Lewis, everyone thought Dean would disappear and Jerry would go on to be a massive star. As it turned out, it was the complete reverse. He was a bitter, bitter person.” — Acquilas

3. Frank Lloyd Wright

“He is seen as a visionary in architecture but he was a horrible person IRL. Raging narcissist, abandoned his wife and kids to run off with the wife of one of his clients, nailed down his selected furniture in a client’s home because he didn’t like what the client wanted, etc.” — bengibbardstoothpain

4. Bing Crosby

“Father of the Century. Physically and mentally abusive to all his kids, alcoholic, adulterer, slimy businessman. Check it out…” — Krg26944

5. John Lennon

“It’s probably come up time and again, but John Lennon was not a nice man. His son grew to despise him enough to tell Paul McCartney that he wished Paul was his father.” — deezelweasel

6. Michael Landon

“I haven’t seen Michael Landon’s name come up yet… he did amazing on Little House on the Prairie, but apparently he was actually a raging alcoholic and even his own kids made a documentary about The Father I Knew.” — immamoose-_-

7. Coco Chanel

“Coco Chanel was an actual agent for the Nazis. She tried using anti-Jewish Nazi laws to get her two Jewish business partners removed to leave her the sole owner of her brand. But they had outsmarted her before fleeing to the United States, they gave their majority share of the company to someone else who was not Jewish that they trusted. Chanel would use her place in high society to spy on all the other high society people and report back to her lover who was a Nazi officer if anyone was a possible threat to the Nazi party to be dealt with. So she was more than sympathetic. She was literally in bed with them.” — Low-Stick6746

8. Johnny Carson

“He cheated on his wives and was an all-around prick when he wasn’t on camera. The most widely known example was him telling Joan Rivers that she’d never become the star of The Tonight Show (she was the permanent guest host at the time), then refusing to ever speak to her again after she got a job elsewhere.” — DeathSpiral321

9. Alfred Hitchcock

“Alfred Hitchcock was really really terrible.” — seanprefect

“Robert evans did a great two part piece on Hitchcock in his podcast Behind the Bastards. One thing Hitchcock did was dare one of his crew members to stay the night chained to a camera on the movie set and gave him a bottle of whiskey to help him take the edge off. The crewman gladly took the bet. Hitchcock laced the bottle with laxative and the crew came in the morning to find him sobbing in his own shit on the floor. Hitchcock did a lot of “jokes” like this.”—catfart-

10. Jimmy Saville

“Jimmy Saville…Until after he died and everything came out about the bad stuff he did.” — MadJen1979

11. Pablo Picasso


From Wikipedia: “Picasso has been commonly characterised as a womaniser and a misogynist, being quoted as having said to one of his mistresses, Françoise Gilot, “Women are machines for suffering.” He later told her, “For me there are only two kinds of women: goddesses and doormats.” In her memoir, Picasso, My Grandfather, Marina Picasso writes of his treatment of women, “He submitted them to his animal sexuality, tamed them, bewitched them, ingested them, and crushed them onto his canvas. After he had spent many nights extracting their essence, once they were bled dry, he would dispose of them.”—Admirable-Suit5387

12. P.T. Barnum

“I absolutely loved the musical but P.T. Barnum IRL was undoubtedly a pretty shit person. Even in the musical there’s several pointers as to how he’s dishonest and doesn’t really care about his circus troupe.” — Emojiobsessor

13. Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre

“Since no one mentioned them yet. Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. In her letters De Beauvoir mentions several romantic and sexual relationship with female students of hers, in one case she met a 17 year old student who she had a relationship, and later introduced her to Sartre who also began to have sex with her. There were a few others who basically made up Sartre’s personal harem, while de Beauvoir acted as the pimp; seducing teenage girls into threesomes with Sartre. Additionally both were signatories of a petition to remove the age of consent laws in France; the petition was written by a known pedo, Gabriel Matzneff, and signed by other French intellectuals including Foucault; who himself has been accused of sodomizing boys.” — Rusty51

14. Prince


“I’ve worked for Prince and it’s a not-so-hidden secret he was absolutely awful to work with. There used to be a saying ‘you’re nobody in this industry until you’ve been fired by prince.’ He’s a legend for sure but was awful to those who put the show on, and his ego was out of control. And when it came down to it, he died from an OD, so for someone who was so quick to fire anyone over a simple mistake and he so critical of weakness, it turns out he had some hidden weaknesses of his own.” — BottomShelfWhiskey

15. Kirk Douglas

“It’s an open secret in Hollywood that he r*ped Natalie Wood.” — bechampions87

16. Thomas Edison

“Literally one of the biggest pieces of sh*t. Stole patents, stomped out competitors with physical force and violence, electrocuted an elephant to mislead the public his inferior power grid was less dangerous than Nikola Tesla’s, and a lot more.” — dtyler86

17. Dr. Seuss

“Dr. Seuss had an affair for years while his wife battled cancer. Drove her to suicide. Married the woman he’d been having the affair with a couple months later.” — SassySavcy

18. Steve Jobs


“Steve Jobs was an a*shole to his family, his own kids hated him, his wife only stayed for the money. He also was known for throwing work colleagues under the bus to cover his own ass, and taking credit for things he didn’t invent.” — I_smellcrusheddreams

19. Paul Walker


“I hate saying it because outside of this incident he actually seemed like a good guy. But on two occasions, Paul Walker dated 16-year-old girls. Once when he was 28, and again when he was 32. This was all while he had a young daughter of his own. The age of consent in California is 18, meaning if he did anything sexual with them, he could’ve been charged and indicted on statutory rape. I guess being a predator is ok, though, if you’re really good-looking.” —

20. Big Pun

“His kids and widow f**king hated him, he pistol-whipped his wife in front of his children and broke her face.” — Careful-Bread-3820