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Is ‘Friends’ Or ‘Seinfeld’ Better? Twitter Is Feuding

An Australian news outlet recently opened the oldest can of worms ever by asking which classic ’90s TV show was better — Friends or Seinfeld.

Proving that people will simply not let this argument go, a disturbing amount of fans took to Twitter to passionately defend their favorite sitcom.   

There were the Seinfeld folks.  “There are two types of people in this world. Seinfeld people and people with bad taste,” one user wrote.  

How is that even a question? Seinfeld is one of the greatest tv shows ever and Friends suck.

— Sami Dowd (@samidowd) August 19, 2019

And the Friends fans. 

And then there were the people sick of the whole Friends vs. Seinfeld debate (THANK YOU, your resistance is like a fresh breeze).

What do you think? Team Seinfeld or Team Friends?