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Dude Who “Went On Tinder For Fun” Matches With His Own Wife

There are a lot of terrible ways to find out your spouse might be cheating on you, but one of the top ones has to be when they’re mutually discovering you’re cheating on them. You can’t even be self-righteous! But the guy who got busted in this story certainly tries. This tale of woe comes from u/TinderMarriageThrow on the subreddit r/Relationship_Advice. 

Now, lots of people are in open relationships—, especially on Tinder. Single people are very lucky to match with another single person on there since almost everybody is in an “ethically non-monogamous” relationship, it seems. I’m not bitter, I’m just tired of entertaining your boyfriend.

ANYWAY, this is not one of those polyamorous/non-monogamous unions. The OP admits he and his wife are in a committed relationship. He just wanted to check out Tinder one more time. You know. Because he was bored and there’s nothing else to do on this planet.

Big time throwaway account.

I’ll start by saying that my wife and I don’t have any sort of open relationship agreement or anything of that nature.

We met on Tinder 3 years ago, fell in love fast, moved in together, and got married. We’ve been married over 14 months now, and quite happily, I would say.

A month ago she left on a business trip for a week and I found myself downloading Tinder on a particularly lonely night. I don’t even know why. I didn’t have any intentions. But I did it.


I swiped here and there and got pretty bored with it. It was a funny reminder of that time of my life. I deleted it and moved on.

On Monday my wife left for another business trip. Last night I once again downloaded Tinder and started swiping. Again, I had a laugh, but ultimately was bored of it.

Then I saw her picture come up.


I say shocked for a moment. I wondered if I should just delete it and pretend nothing happened. I thought maybe a bot stole her picture…. But I read her profile… it’s her. It’s her now and it’s her live. There’s even a picture of her where I am cut out.

I decided to make a bold move and swipe right.

I swiped and we matched.

She gets back from her business trip tomorrow. I’m going to confront her then. I don’t even know how this is happening. She’s over 100 miles. Is a friend of her using her account??

Now I have to explain why I was on Tinder. This is just a huge can of worms that got opened.

What the hell do I do?

Um, hope she doesn’t divorce your ass?


There isn’t a lot of sympathy for this guy in the responses. Most people seem to think you reap what you sow, and this guy was clearly trying to cheat on his wife. He was just bad at it. 


There was also the obligatory reference to Rupert Holmes and his ballad of cheating lovers who rediscover each other.


But there were some good theories about what’s going on. Some people pointed out that maybe his wife isn’t cheating at all. Why would she swipe right if she’s trying to hide? It’s more likely a friend saw him on the dating app, told her, and helped her set up an account. It was a sting operation.


Or…it’s completely made up. Sadly, many juicy stories on Reddit are. On the other hand, it definitely seems like its in the realm of possibility. People cheat. Stupidly, they often cheat on dating apps. All I can say is what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.