‘Game of Thrones’ Released A New Teaser With A Premiere Date And People Are Losing It

In case you missed it this weekend, HBO and Game of Thrones released a new trailer for the final season, along with a premiere date of the first episode. Posted on Twitter and other social media outlets, the “official teaser” featured the remaining Stark family members walking through the crypts at Winterfell, as voiceovers of those from the Stark family who have died play in the background. 

As the three remaining Starks walk through the crypt, we’re reminded of all of those family members who are no longer in the show—including their parents, Ned and Cat Stark. The short teaser finishes with the three hitting a wall in the crypt, staring at their own statues.

Before you know it, Jon’s flame dies out and, an icy frost takes over the entire crypt—foreshadowing that the long night is here, and the Army of the Dead is coming for them. 

Since the teaser dropped, fans online have been freaking out over the fact that we officially have a date and, some more information on what will go down (kind of). 




Mark your calendars, y’all, April is only 3 months away.