These Iconic 90s-00s Commercials Are Staples Of Every Millennial’s Childhood

Do you remember the days of after-school television? Rushing home from class to flip on the TV and watch Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network for hours on end until mom asked about homework. The early 90s-00s was arguably one of the best eras for television and our favorite shows were never in short supply.

However, as you may have forgotten with all of the streaming services we have now, back then we had a little thing called commercials. The brief hiatus from our selected programming was an annoyance at the time, but going back and watching those old TV ads provides a wonderful sense of nostalgia.

These are some of the most memorable commercials we recognize from our TV screens. See how many you remember.

1. The catchy rap commercial for Education Connection.

2. Those iconic “How Many Licks?” Tootsie Roll commercials.

3. The slightly incestual Folgers Coffee ad.

4. All of Miss Cleo’s tarot readings.

5. Those obnoxious Nickelodeon Magazine commercials.

6. Every jam ever created by the guys.

7. That one iconic Sears Air Conditioner ad.

8. All of the ‘Above The Influence’ PSA’s.

9. JG Wentworth’s infamous “I need it now” commercials.

10. Old school Gushers ads that gave us nightmares.

11. Those hilarious Scooter Store commercials.

12. The Bumpit revolution that saved us from flat, boring hair.

13. OG iPod silhouette commercials.

14. Polly Pocket commercials that made our tween dreams come true.

15. The Socker Bopper jingle that won’t be leaving our brains anytime soon.

16. Nestle’s “What’s in a Wonder Ball?” commercial.

17. That rather suggestive Shake Weight ad.

18. Every Kidz Bop commercial ever made.

19. And of course, the one and only ShamWow infomercial.

h/t BuzzFeed