Hawk-Eyed Fans Think Marvel Edited Out A Character From The New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer

Marvel fans spotted something peculiar in last night’s Super Bowl trailer for Avengers: Endgame—something that wasn’t there.

Twitter users were quick to point out two scenes in which Marvel edited out key details. The first shows Black Widow, Captain America, Bruce Banner and War Machine walking across a field (New York City’s Citi Field?) as they look towards something offscreen.

There’s an awfully large space between two characters.

The second shot appears towards the end of the trailer, when the surviving Avengers are striding across the HQ hangar. Once again, there seems to be a sizable gap between two Avengers.

While this may seem tinfoil hat-ty, Marvel Studios has been known to intentionally mislead audiences with their trailers in order to keep plots a secret. Multiple scenes in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer did not end up in the film, and one scene in the trailer had been digitally edited to make it look as though Thanos had less Infinity Gems than he actually did at that point in the movie

Who did Marvel edit out of these scenes, if someone was in fact edited out? Could it be Tony Stark, who is lost in space? Shuri, who may or may not have perished in the Snap? Captain Marvel? Loki? Vision? Hulk? Pepper? Hawkeye? Reddit has lots of ideas.

Tune into the dozens of social media threads devoted to breaking down the trailer frame by frame until the film’s release on April 26 to decide for yourself. Or, consider the very possible alternative shared by r/Gambit722: