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“Me IRL Vs. Animated Me” Memes Are Taking Off On Twitter (28 Pics)

When we are looking for characters that we relate to, cartoons are a popular choice. They never age, they don’t die, they always know what they’re going to wear because it’s the same outfit. Who wouldn’t want to be a little 2 dimensional in these trying times? That’s my theory on why the “me irl vs. animated me” meme is taking off so hard on Twitter right now. People would like to be cartoons at the moment.

There are many, many examples as people comb through anime, Disney, and Cartoon Network looking for their doppëlganger. Some of the comparisons aren’t quite on the nose, but you can see what the human person was going for.

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via Twitter/@sahxra_

Others are startlingly accurate, especially because some people went out of their way to dress up a little bit like their animated counterparts. It’s not quite cosplay, but it’s cosplay’s cousin. Scroll through and see if you see anyone who looks like you. Animated you.