People Are Sharing “Comfort Films” They Watch When They’re “Having A Tough Day” (21 Tweets)

So, what is everyone doing tonight? Haha joking, I know you’re watching TV. So does Turner Classic Movies, or TCM, a channel devoted to pretending no new films haven’t been made since 1986. A lot of people want to pretend nothing has happened since 1986 right now, so they’re in a good position. On Twitter, they tried to help people with their evening programming by starting a thread on comfort films—movies people turn to when they want a pleasant distraction from reality. Like the opposite of the news:

TCM suggested The Wizard of Oz and then opened the floor. To warn everyone, the majority of the movies suggested here star only white people, so clearly the term “comfort” means different things to different people. But most of us have probably seen one of these goofy films in our childhood or youth and have fond memories of them. Many were even written and produced during wartime, which is when people needed distractions, too.

Take a break from thinking about anything except how good some people are at tap dancing tonight:

1. Fred And Ginger FTW

2. The Philadelphia Story

3. Funny Face

4. Singin’ In The Rain

5. Young Frankenstein

6. Pillow Talk

7. The Sting

8. The Thin Man

9. Mary Poppins

10. Casablanca