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People Are Sharing Their Favorite “Comfort Movies” From The ’80s, ’90s, And 2000s (15 Posts)

11. Office Spacewateringtheflowers

That movie is brilliant but I can only watch it every so often. It’s too depressingly accurate.


12. Back to the Future trilogy – pivotmonster

Love how Marty cannot just play music. Always has to go bananas. Him playing at the ball where his parents kiss for the first time is great. Chuck, this is your cousin Marvin. I think I have that new sound your looking for, listen to this.


13. While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping — I know all the lines but still laugh every time.


14. The Mummy

The Brendan Fraser Mummy movie. Makes me feel like I’m 8 all over again.


15. Matilda

Best Danny DeVito role ever.