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People Are Sharing Their Favorite “Comfort Movies” From The ’80s, ’90s, And 2000s (15 Posts)

Everyone’s got a go-to “comfort movie” that’s always good for a rewatch and always makes you feel nostalgic, warm, and—of course—comforted.

User GoldPurpleWildcat asked Reddit simply:

“What’s your ‘comfort movie’?” and users showed up in droves to share their ultimate go-to movie for good feels.

1. Galaxy Questpamelahhh

2. Monsters, Inc.Bokbok95

3. Toy StoryzIcO2020

I love the toy story franchise and I like to rewatch them from time to time EXCEPT the third one. For me that’s not a comfort movie but more like a bawl my eyes out kinda movie.


4. Mulan (animated version) – Milk-Witch

5. GhostbustersSpectralDog

Ghostbusters. We’re ready to believe you!


6. Jurassic ParkBeccaSedai

I have watched it about two dozen times so far. Never gets dull.


7. Twister

Bit of a random one but Twister. As a Brit I love the small-town America vibe and how the gang all get on. Bill Paxton is a legend


You know the drive-in theater that gets hit by the tornado in that movie? That’s the drive-in I grew up watching movies at. Including the movie Twister. I was in gradeschool when they were filming it in my hometown and it was crazy to get to go watch it and experience screenception like that.


8. Shaun of the Deadelijah_justin

9. Bill & Ted trilogy

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is bliss.


10. Pirates of the CaribbeanBeneficial-Victory65

“You will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow”
Also one of my favs