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30 People Share Beloved TV And Movie Characters Who They Absolutely Loathe

Fandoms spring up around all popular (and in some cases unpopular) TV and movies and books, and there’s nothing that fandoms love doing more than arguing over their favorites series. Can you imagine if everyone just voiced an opinion and everyone else said “I agree”? It would be the end of message board culture.

Redditor u/QuailQuest96 opened the floor for an excellent fan argument topic on r/AskReddit.

“Who is a character who you CAN’T stand from a series you like, but everyone else seems to love?” they asked.

Yesss! There’s nothing I love more than talking about what I hate. And for me, it’s Peter from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Manipulative, cheater, and he did let his ex take Lara Jean’s scrunchy. And then she had an opportunity to be with someone way better in the sequel, but the stans wouldn’t have been happy about it. Peter sucks.

Not everyone gave as lucid and convincing an argument as myself for why they hate beloved characters. Some just listed names and left us all wondering why. But a few people gave some examples that have convinced me to hate those characters, too.

See if anyone changes your mind as I did about Peter:

1. Kate (Lost)

Kate from Lost. First watch I felt bad for her. Additional watches have revealed that she is responsible for all of her misfortunes. —jasenzero1

2. Tris (Divergent)

Tris from the Divergent series. I read this a few years back, so I don’t remember the exact details but I remember just genuinely disliking her character deeply whereas everyone else absolutely adored her. She’s whiny, irritating and constantly jumps into self-sabotaging situations, not taking into consideration anybody else’s feelings. —Ridzy_jay

3. Ray (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Everybody Loves Raymond. I hate Ray. He’s a jerk who’se horrible to everyone around him for his own comfort. —piper1871

4. Groot. (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy. I find him very annoying and unfunny. Also he adds nothing to the story. Ofcourse he sacrifices himself in the end, but still the movie would have worked perfectly fine without him. —janzen1337

5. Derek (Grey’s Anatomy)

“I never liked Derek! He continued to pursue Meredith romantically despite her clear misgivings about starting a relationship with a superior at work. Also, the fact that he literally cheated on everyone he had a serious relationship with. Thank you, next.”


6. Edward (Twilight)

Edward from Twilight (yes I know everyone hates the show as a whole but the people I know don’t seem to recognize a problem with Edward). He’s SUPER f—king manipulative, to the point that everyone in the movies acknowledges it but for some reason doesn’t think it’s a problem. He has a very outdated way of thinking, and refuses to listen to Bella even when she’s obviously right.

He keeps forcing her to marry him, even though she makes it clear that she isn’t comfortable with it, and his stupid little “I have to protect everyone at all costs and no one can do it except me” is super f*cking annoying. (I hate literally every character except Rosalie but not as much as I hate Edward, although Charlie and Jacob and Bella are all pretty high up on my shit list too) —adressmeashokage

7. Ted (How I Met Your Mother)

Ted from how I met your mother. He’s just an a-hole, dating all these woman pretending he’s searching for love, and ditching them a little bit later because he’s not over Robin. —mrynslijk

8. Elena Gilbert (Vampire Diaries)

Elena Gilbert from tvd agh she gets on my nerves —Iza_bella_154

9. Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)

Meredith Grey. She’s self important and overdramatic. And I can’t believe she didn’t tell Amelia when Derek was dying. I would hate having someone like her in my life. —TaterTotsAndKetchup

10. Mary (Supernatural), Deb (Dexter)

Mary from Supernatural. Deb from Dexter —eliiZmel

11. Hanna Baker (Thirteen Reasons Why)

Hannah Baker. She would purposely do things that made people upset and push them away from her and then complain when they left her. —SaltyD-Dog

12. John Winchester (Supernatural)

John Winchester —Flabershlap101

13. Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

Albus Dumbledore. He was manipulative, secretive, careless with the safety of his students (which bugs me as a fellow educator). But my biggest issue with him is that he knew that Harry was in an abusive household…and Dumbledore left him there. Dumbledore could have chosen other ways to keep Harry safe other than blood wards if it came down to it. But instead, he abandoned Harry every summer to face emotional abuse, neglect and physical violence. —InkMage94

14. Molly Weasley (Harry Potter)

Molly Weasley’s a bitch. —Bontrouble

15. Phoebe (Friends)

Phoebe from Friends.

She’s rude (she has picked on Chandler more times then I can count, including routinely insulting his marriage with Monica), she can be really manipulative and there were times where she was just plain selfish.

I hated the episode where she finds a lost cat and convinces herself it is her mother (I can forgive her strange justifications because it is sitcom and because she did have a very tragic upbringing). However, When Ross finally tells her she HAS to give the cat back to it’s actual owner (a little girl) she gets upset and then forces Ross to apologise to both her and the cat (after initially refusing to give the cat back to the poor kid). I hated that Ross was made to feel bad for just trying to reunite a little girl with her lost cat.

It always annoyed me how her meanness was simply played off as just a part of her quirky persona, it made it much harder for me to sympathise with her hard childhood and I was even more annoyed at the other characters for not standing up to her more. —PumpkinPugh

16. Rose (Titanic)

Rose in Titanic. I never ever got the “great love” vibe from the whole situation. I saw a boy who was thirsty and a girl who was desperate for something outside the trials of rich life. She clung on fast and hard and I never got the feeling from Jack he wanted this to be a forever into the sunset thing. She says it multiple times that she’s staying with him and he’s rather non committal and avoidy. —ZoiSarah

17. Manny (Modern Family)

Manny from Modern Family. —michmedu

18. Rachel Berry (Glee)

Rachel Berry from Glee —JealousCharity3

19. Gina (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Gina in Brooklyn 99. Sorry but she drives me insane —luxxy847

20. Olaf (Frozen)

Olaf. He was better in frozen 2 though —docs7

21. Samwise Gamgee (LOTR)

Samwise Gamgee. Couldn’t stand him as a kid & still can’t —redacted_boi_

22. All of them (Community)

Anyone from Community. Simple characters, a real bore to get through an episode —Damocles3000

23. Snape (Harry Potter)

This is my first ever comment. I usually just read, but I didn’t see this one mentioned yet (maybe it was farther down?) Also on mobile so may not be good formatting.

Severus F—king Snape. Everyone makes him out to be a hero but he isn’t. At all. Everyone likes to excuse his actions and behaviors for 7 f—king years because at the very end you see a memory where he “loves” Lily.

First, his love is not a healthy thing. It is an obsession and extremely unhealthy. The only reason he switches sides is because she dies. NOT because he suddenly realized Death Eaters are not the good guys. So he was still totally fine with ideologies equivalent to that of Nazis in today’s terms.

Second, he borderline (though I think actually) abuses the children he was hired to teach. He tormented one child so much she altered her appearance and made fun of another child who witnessed his parents being tortured (by the very group he was apart of at the time). In fact he bullied that child so much HE was this child’s WORST fear, not the people who tortured his parents to insanity. And WHY did he act this way? Because he was bullied as a kid and the girl he called racial slurs decided she didn’t want a friend like that. Fine, being bullied hurts. There is a bunch psychology behind the effects of bullying, but taking your issues out on children entrusted in your care when you have a position of power and are well into your adulthood is NOT ok.

Severus Snape will always be a horrible character and Harry should never have named a child after him. Bravest man? F*ck that JK Rowling. —Acceptable-Site

24. Han Solo (Star Wars)

I’ve always heard people say Han Solo is the best, but I realized that wasn’t true when I rewatched the original trilogy. He’s arrogant, bitter, and rude to Leia.


25. Deadpool (Deadpool)

Deadpool. After the first film the character just seems annoying and is trying too hard to be against the grain —s-a-kopa

26. Tobias (Arrested Development)

Does anyone like Dr Tobias Funke? I realize you’re not supposed to like any of those characters, but David Cross nearly ruins an otherwise excellent show. —doncastelli

27. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

If series of films counts, Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Jack ‘Mick Jagger’ Sparrow is overrated and I don’t understand why. I don’t think it’s a convincing drunk let alone a pirate. —RenewedRS

28. David Tennant as Doctor Who (Doctor Who)

Don’t get me wrong, I love David Tennant, but I really didn’t like his Doctor who and a lot of people seen to have him as a favourite Doctor. —Jibirirah

29. Scooby Doo (Scooby Doo)

Scooby Doo from Scooby Doo. I just find his dumb dog noises annoying. —TheKnightsTippler

30. Baby Yoda (Mandalorian)

Honestly, The Child from The Mandalorian. Star Wars is basically my life so naturally I absolutely loved The Mandalorian. And I was super excited when The Child was revealed. But now he’s know as “baby yoda” and has become way too over saturated in my opinion. The hype for the character just got too high and brought in people who didn’t actually care for the show, just the character. It’s honestly sad. —Destor1239

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