30 Fed Up Employees Who Publicly Shamed Their Terrible Bosses

This is what happens when employees reach their breaking point.

We’ve got tales from the trenches where workers have had enough and decided to turn the tables. These daring souls use the power of the internet to call out leadership fails.

From biting work emails to viral tweets, watch as these employees shame bosses with a mix of humor and hard truths, proving that sometimes, the pen (or post) is mightier than the payroll.


2. “Boss told me after massively overworking me that if I want to play in his sandpit I need to toughen up. Told him I don’t want to play in the sandpit, I want time to lay on the lawn with my cats. He told me to take my cats and fuck off. He was bluffing. I wasn’t. I quit! Coming at ya from my lawn!”


4. “Who Is The Boss Now?”


6. “Is It Normal To Not Want To Discuss The Base Pay?”

7. “Had Approved Time Off, Boss Still Scheduled Me”

8. “Boss, We Need New Tools”, “You Just Got New Tools”

9. “2 Weeks Of Telling My Boss The Produce In The Warehouse Are Going Bad. Him: Don’t Worry About It”

10. “Throwback To June Of This Year When My Employer Wrote Me Up For Discussing Pay With Coworkers! (Which I Didn’t Even Do Btw)”

11. “Great Thank You I Will Put You Down”

12. “Finally Decided I’d Had Enough Of My Boss On Monday, And Did It Feel Good”

13. “You Love To See It”

14. “Trashy Bosses”

15. “My Boss Gave Me These Gloves For ‘Welding’ After My Old Ones Burned”

16. “Working Night Shift Without Holiday Pay. This Is The Lunch They Provided. Happy New Year”

17. “Who’s Worse – The Manager Or The Racist Customers?”

18. “My Boss Called Out Today Because His Team Lost The Super Bowl”

19. “So I’m 5 Days Into My Covid Positive Reading And My Boss Sends Me This Because She’s Short-Staffed And I’m Still Feeling Absolutely Ill”

20. “I Work In Construction And Get Paid In Cash. My Boss Thinks He’s Funny”

21. “My Sister Recieved This Email Today. It Was Sent From Her Manager To All Her Coworkers”

22. “I Guess I Haven’t Been Removed From The Email List Yet. After Terminating My Coworker For Going To A Funeral And Calling Me A Slur, They Send This”

23. “A Competing Company Is Offering Us 20 Percent More To Work For Them. Management’s Response”

24. “About A Year Ago I Got Let Go Of My Job And Decided To Hustle Making Music, This Is The Second Time My Ex-Boss Tries To Have Me Mention Him In A ‘Media Opportunity’”

25. “Sad That This Is The World We Live In”


27. “Manager Won’t Let Mom Who’s Son Is On Life Support Request Time Off”

28. “My Manager Taped A Piece Of Paper To A Clipboard”

29. “My Bosses Desktop”

30. “This Sign. The Manager Must Be A Nightmare”

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