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Just 16 Accurate “The Movie Villain, The Actual Villain” Memes

There are a lot of film classics out there with a very clear protagonist and a very clear antagonist. We have heroes and we have villains and we all know where everybody stands. There are storytellers who try to tell more ambiguous tales, but they definitely didn’t make High School Musical. In that iconic film, the villain is Sharpay Evans and the heroes are Troy and Gabriela. End of story (unless you watch Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram stories).

But one Twitter user named @chuuzus has turned this world view upside down with a very simple meme format. They showed Sharpay in one pic next to a photo of the couple, labeling it “The movie villain the actual villains.”

This reversal seems to have sparked a lot of soul-searching in the online community. Who really were the villains in HSM? Should Sharpay’s image be rehabilitated? Should we reconsider what Troy and Gabriela did to their community? Tough questions. But an excellent meme format.

Soon, people were looking at all their favorite films and seeing if they wanted to reassess who the real heroes and villains are. Scroll through to have your world shooketh:



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