These Might Be The Worst Movie Tropes People Are Sick Of Seeing (21 Posts)

You don’t have to watch too many movies to be familiar with these movie tropes, because they’re basically in every single one. Why don’t writers, directors, or anyone else with a say in Hollywood do something else? Maybe because they know we’re desperate for entertainment.

As long as we can still complain on Reddit—no one will take that from me!

Redditor u/Gosenco gave everyone a chance to air their movie grievances with the question, “What’s a movie trope you absolutely HATE?”

There are things on this list that I’ve often noticed and rolled my eyes at during a film and there are things I’ll never be able to not notice again, unfortunately.

It might be the perfect thing for any future screenwriters to read, though. You’ll either know how to make an original movie at the end or how to make a movie that sells—your choice.


If your plot can only be maintained by your characters not having a simple conversation to resolve things, you’re a bad writer and I don’t like you. —ShelbaBarbera


“You have to trust me” or “there’s no time to explain”. In 9 out of 10 cases, there’s definitely time to explain, and the explanation would take less time thay trying to convince the other party to blindly trust you. —TiBiDi


Female characters only written to display how they’re a strong feminist female. It’s fucking cringe. If you want an actual strong female character, then show that through her actions as a person without drawing back to meta shit. Not everything has to be “wow and she is a FEMALE doing this.” It’s counterintuitive and only disvalues her character. —rimmyrick


Characters about to kiss for the first time — get interrupted. Every damn time.

How many fucking times are they going to write that? —SomeoneHad2FuknSayIt


If any woman between the ages of 16 and 50 vomit, it means they’re pregnant —ehsteve23


Overworked dad who rushes through the kitchen and only grabs a triangle of toast even though his wife prepared a goddamn IHOP-worthy breakfast complete with meat and pancakes and orange juice and coffee.

“I’m late.”

“Don’t forget sally’s recital tonight…you promised! —zarina541


Nobody ever just has a cough.

My all time hated version of this trope is when it is followed by a shot of a tiny drop of blood on a handkerchief that the person quickly shoves into a pocket. lazy film shorthand for yeaah, don’t get too attached. —dramallamamil


Prosecutor introduces a “surprise” witness or evidence in a middle of a trial.

You would get disbarred for pulling something like that. —Hq3473


Using rape as a way to have the female character become strong or unlock her inner badass is also very annoying to me. —Lilac77777


The “evil guy sacrifices himself in the end so he is good right!” Trope. Like wtf, because he died doesn’t erase the soon time of abuse/murder/terror/terrible acts that they already committed. They don’t get done lovely pass for being a “good guy in the end”.  —D-Money100