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30 People Share The Unrealistic Movie Scene Tropes That “Annoy The Hell” Out Of Them

With everyone staying safely inside during quarantine, there’s no shortage of movies being watched—which means there’s no shortage of bonkers scenes where someone does something that seems so completely unrealistic you have to giggle to yourself.

Audiences are smarter than that, so why are movie makers still forcing us to sit through ridiculous scenarios that would never, ever happen? Sure, it’s an escape—but you can’t help but wonder what the actors themselves are thinking: “Did I get into filmmaking to pretend I’m jumping from one train car to another, somehow without falling, while the train is going 200 miles per hour?”

Luckily, Reddit user SheesaAddict, asked which movie scenes made people *eyeroll* the hardest:

What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you? from r/AskReddit

Here’s what everyone had to say:


 “Explosions. Fireballs are from pyrotechnics and they look cool, but they look nothing like real explosions from bombs or grenades.”—Splitso


“The bit in a car chase where somebody on a bike does a cool slide under something and just carries on. I’ve done a not cool version of that and what actually happens is your left leg is pinned between tarmac and a quarter of a ton of hot metal. You aren’t walking it off and the bike is ruined because you just ripped off the gear lever.”—Dydey


“When someone pulls out a gun and it just magically makes the sound of a hammer or slide being pulled back.”—xSolid_Snakex


“ENHANCE IMAGE.”—Sgt_Slutbags



“Give me a second, these firewalls are practically unbreakable… let me just…. bypass the the… aggressive typing now to just…. and I’m in!” slams the enter key and turns to the protagonist with a grin I wish hacking a multimillion dollar security system was that easy.” — mr_pablo_ 


“Sex scenes. I think the guy’s d*ck would break based on his position.”—HOUSEOFRIAS


“Hospital shows where they shock a flat line. It’s a non-shock able rhythm. And the patients miraculously pick up a rhythm after 1-2 shocks and the patient is awake and talking.”—carriebou73


“When the hero misses the perfect opportunity to kill the villain like a hundred times. Then villain does something to the hero’s family and all of a sudden the hero decides to make it his life’s mission to kill the villain.”—crunchypotato3


“I’ve noticed in a lot of movies they will let someone into their house but don’t shut the front door lol.”—tdj8


“Car wrecks generally do not explode.”—all_your_base