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30 People Share The Unrealistic Movie Scene Tropes That “Annoy The Hell” Out Of Them


“Hackers and how fast and easy it is to “hack” into a system.” — impelleobstantia


“The coffee cup is always empty, you can tell by how flimsy it is in the hand.”—alaskantuxedo 


“When people with jobs like cops and teachers have super nice houses or apartments.”— talllongblackhair


“Good morning, class. Let’s open our books to page 101. (something Hollywood poignant for 90 seconds)[bell rings—in COLLEGE!], “homework for next week is chapter 7.” wuapinmon


“Perfect hair after being mauled by a bear, thrown off a cliff, and hit by a car.”—_whitewhitebread_


“When the character is driving and looking at the person they’re talking to without crashing or even swerving.”—sigmundsmom


“‘The reactor is critical!” Then it explodes. Critical means that you have achieved a sustained fission reaction, not an out of control one. Going critical is actually what you want to happen in a reactor.”—randersthelonely


“When they do product placements and put the product facing the audience the whole time.”—charlottemaltese


“The kids always seem to leave for school in the middle of the day. Either they have some sweet school hours or the sun needs to tone it down that early in the morning.”— burgernugget


“Then they pull out this clearly 3-month-old baby. I mean, I get it, don’t use newborns for a movie. But it’s just funny. They are so fricking huge.”—rogers916

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