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30 People Share The Unrealistic Movie Scene Tropes That “Annoy The Hell” Out Of Them


“Running from someone shooting an automatic gun and avoiding every shot.”—zexzeonace



“Everyone in San Francisco lives in a giant Victorian house. “I’m a print journalist and my husband is a sculptor. That’s how you know we’re interesting. Also, we live in this house and that’s totally realistic. Also, it has a yard.”—content_rock


 “Swordfighting” in movies which is just very large swings, turning around, half-swording and hitting each others’ sword to make a nice “clang.”—silma85


“When 2 people walk 5 feet away from the group and have a conversation at full volume, yet somehow no one in the group can seem to hear anymore.”—bbwalkinn


“Every time a group of people is looking at a map/diagram/graph, the leader/scientist/genius says: “here, here and here”. Three times. Always. Who does that?”—instavio



“How male scientists look like mad scientists and female scientists are all supermodels.”—WeebFromIIT


“Pills that work the second they hit the mouth.”—original_4degrees 


“How the ugly unpopular girl is always stupid hot.”—zexzeonace


“My Marine friend once said ” I don’t like war movies because they are either so inaccurate I get angry, or so accurate I get angry’.”—ImperialSupplies


“There’s No Time To Explain!” But there’s time to explain there’s no time to explain. I’ll try a few easy explanations: Big Ass Dinosaurs! Pervert On The Loose! People Are Trying To Kill Me! Evil Aliens On The Ship! Shit’s Falling Apart! Ladies Got OuR Hundred Babies! We’re Running From The Enemy! We Got Fcking Ghosts!”—JebbieSans187