30 Famous And Non-Famous People Reveal The Movies That Terrified Them As Kids

When you’re a kid, your grasp on reality is loose at best. There are a lot of things out there you’re not entirely sure are real, like blue whales, and a lot of things you’re convinced are real, like the monster under your bed. Separating facts from fiction is even harder when you watch a lot of movies.

As production assistant Ashley Bower showed with her viral tweet about movies, most kids are absolutely convinced the scary stuff is 100% real, and are terrorized by that for the rest of their lives.

She asked for people to share the movies that scarred them as children, listing her own as Jumanji, a kids movie where children are sucked into a board game and almost killed over and over. Delightful!

Some of the films people shared in response are legit scary horror films they had no business watching young, but a lot of bad memories came from children’s movies depicting weird and gruesome stuff. Where were the adults in the room when these decisions were being made? I’m talking about both the parents and the directors. Looking at you, Disney.